At St John’s we offer a broad curriculum with the depth to engage and challenge learners at each level. We also aim to provide a curriculum that will equip learners with skills, knowledge and qualifications that will give them the broadest range of opportunities when it is time for them to move on from St John’s.

We currently offer a two-year Key Stage 3 suite of courses. In Year 7 & 8 all learners experience the full range of National Curriculum subjects with strong balance in curriculum time between each subject with the greatest weighing going to English, Maths, Science and RE. Follow the link to Key Stage 3 Curriculum for a full breakdown of the courses on offer and details about their curriculum time and programmes of study.

There is a core of subjects which learners will study from Year 7 to Year 11. These are Religious Studies, English Language and Literature, Maths and Sciences. Students at St John’s make option choices during Year 8. Given that they will continue with the fore-mentioned subjects, the vast majority of students are then asked to continue with at least one of the ‘English Baccalaureate’ subjects (French, Spanish, History, Geography or Computing) with a free choice of two other subjects from a broad range of GCSE or BTEC qualifications. Depending on an individual’s interests and abilities, students will receive pastoral guidance on how to use their free choices. For example, a student with aspirations to study ‘A levels’ will be encouraged to choose a further ‘Ebacc’ subject as one of their two free choices. A student aspiring to move onto apprenticeship or level 3 vocational studies might well be encouraged to choose at least one of the wide range of vocational qualifications on offer from Year 9.

From Year 9 to Year 11 the majority of learners will study 9 GCSEs (or equivalent). Approximately a quarter of the cohort will study the three separate Sciences instead of ‘Double Award’ Science bringing their total number of GCSEs to 10. We believe that we have a strong rationale for offering a 9 subject, 3 year Key Stage 4. Firstly, the opportunity to specialise a year earlier than many schools means that learners are benefiting from extra time to get to grips with and enjoy a deeper level of learning in each subject. Secondly, the emphasis on 9 subjects, rather than the typical 10, means that a greater amount of time can be devoted to each subject. For more information about Key Stage 4 and details about each of the courses on offer, please follow the Key Stage 4 Curriculum link.

If you would like to find out any more information about the curriculum offered please feel free to contact the head of department or head of year.

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