Year 11 Autumn 1 - Progress Report

Religious Education

Students have been studying the topic of Environmental and Medical Issues. Students have had the opportunity to examine problems within the environment such as global warming and pollution and to explore ethical issues such as fertility treatment and transplants including the views of Muslims and Christians.

Assessments this half term have focussed on the GCSE exam skills and students have completed an end of unit test that is focussed on their ability to give an opinion, to explain key Christian beliefs and to evaluate two sides of an argument.



GCSE students are now building on the topics studied in Year 10 and have completed a number of Marketing topics such as the product life cycle and pricing strategies.  Their assessment grade is based on a number of exam style questions set both in class and for homework.

BTEC Business students have completed Unit 8 – Business Communication which was started last term and are now making progress through Unit 2- Business Organisations.  Assessment grades are based on completion of coursework at either pass, merit or distinction level.


Design Technology

Students have worked on their GCSE controlled assessment in their chosen material area. The assessment is based on their design and make tasks with a holistic approach to assessment incorporating both practical and theory work completed to date.



Year 11 Students are currently undertaking a Theatre in Education project that will form part of their final practical grade. They are preparing and devising their own performance and workshop that they will deliver to primary school students after half term. The assessment this half term has been based on this practical work.


Health and Social Care

Students have studying the impact of a healthy diet on individuals. They have been researching into the different types of food groups and how they can help to keep individuals healthy. All assessment has been coursework based and students first assessment was based on looking at the eat well plate and identifying how individuals needs may differ due to age. This covered pass and merit criteria.



As Year 11 have been completing Controlled Assessment Utility question their assessment grade was based on work completed at the end of Year 10 as well as their efforts when completing the Controlled Assessment.



In Year 11 students have studied the unit named "Ice on the Land" and they have also completed their controlled assessment, which is worth 25% of the overall grade. The assessment grade is based upon the Ice on the Land end of unit test.



GCSE ICT: Students have been assessed following their controlled assessment performance. This includes a range of ICT practical skills across a variety of software and includes elements of planning and evaluating their work. 

OCR Nationals in ICT: Students have been completing a range of units including UNit 4: Web Authoring, Unit 20: Digital Animation and Unit 22: Digital Sound.  The assessment is based on their current progress on the portfolio of work that has been created covering elements of reviewing existing products, planing, implementing and testing a final product.