Year 11 Autumn 2 - Progress Report


Having now completed 100% of their GCSE English Language or English, students have been re-doing Controlled Assessments and revisiting the exam skills. Based upon all of the composit data students have been awarded an approximate grade of what we think they may have based upon last year's grade boundaries. This does not take into account the re-sit exam marks as this will be available in January. 


Design Technology

Students have worked on their GCSE controlled assessment in their chosen material area. The assessment is based on their design and make tasks with a holistic approach to assessment incorporating both practical and theory work completed to date.


Health and Social Care

All coursework based assessment covering Pass, merit and distinction tasks, Students are looking at the importance of using effective communication in one to one and group interactions. These tasks have all been linked to real life contexts.



Student have recapped some of the topics from their year 10 study including somatotypes, weight, drugs and diet. They have also been working on new topics including the muscular and skeletal system.

Within their practical lessons students have been directed towards an activity which will improve their overall practical grade.

The students were assessed during their mock exam. At this stage their grade is based only on their theory performance without the inclusion of their practical marks. Students practical marks will be collated and given to them during January.



GCSE ICT: Student assessments have been based solely on their performance in the theory unit of the course, Unit 1: Living in a Digital World, which will be worth 40% of their final exam in June. 

OCR Nationals in ICT: Students have been completing a range of units including UNit 4: Web Authoring, Unit 20: Digital Animation and Unit 22: Digital Sound.  The assessment is based on their current progress on the portfolio of work that has been created covering elements of reviewing existing products, planing, implementing and testing a final product.