Sixth Form Bridging

Year 11 into 12 Taster Tasks

I hope that I find you safe and well.

These are unprecedented times in Education and especially important in your own education and decision making at this time. As a result, we have created some bridging material for you to sample as a means of both keeping academically active and engaging with appropriate subject material at Key Stage 5.

  • Sixth Form Bridging Material

  • Naturally you are free to sample and try out the independent tasks, activities and areas of wider research set by each department. However, it is important to consider the subjects that you primarily offered interest in during the interview process. This is how the option blocks are being formed.

    If you have already had an interview for St John’s Sixth Form, as the vast majority already have during January and February, then there is no need to apply or do anything else. It was explained, at this stage, that following the interview, should you attain the appropriate grade requirements, then your place at St John’s Sixth Form is secured. You might recall that we gave you a conditional offer postcard during the interview and this offer still stands.

    These bridging tasks will hopefully offer further insight into the subjects that you wish to take in St John’s Sixth Form and links to the Heads of Department for any further questions are provided.

    Many of you have expressed a heartfelt and genuine desire to return, or attend, St John’s Sixth Form. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

    Further information:

    If you have not received an interview for St John’s Sixth Form then please apply online at

    Once we return to Sixth Form, then there will be the opportunity to actively use the first few weeks to ascertain whether you are placed on the correct courses of study. Here there will be the further opportunity to try out different courses, if required.

    GCSE Results Day will still take place on Thursday 22nd August. Following this there will be 1:1 interviews offered for everyone to discuss their direct and appropriate access into St John’s Sixth Form. More details on the exact time and dates will follow in the future.

    We appreciate that these are difficult and testing times but hope that we can support you fully in your transition and welcome you to St John’s Sixth Form.
    Matt Dunn
    Helen Thompson