Pupil Premium Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

“A Learning Community Guided by Gospel Values”

We believe in promoting and supporting our belief that we are "A Learning Community Guided by Gospel Values" where every student is “called by name” and is unique.  Support of the less advantaged members of the school community is at the heart of our mission  statement and we are totally committed to enhance the support we can put in place to further improve the progress and attainment of our Free School Meal and Looked After Students through the use of the Pupil Premium.

We will make provision for disadvantaged students through:

• Facilitating students’ access to the curriculum

• Facilitating students’ access to the broader experiences provided within the school context

• Providing appropriate support and intervention within the school setting

• Facilitating student access to enrichment activities to support learning

Reporting the use of the Pupil Premium

Regular reports will be presented to the governors of the school on the progress of students eligible for the pupil premium. A report will also be issued online annually detailing how the school has used the funding made available through the Pupil Premium.

Parents/carers will be able to obtain information on the Pupil Premium via the school website. This will be updated annually.