Year 8 Autumn 1 - Progress Report

Religious Education

Students have been studying the topic of the Person of Jesus with a specific focus on the Titles of Jesus. Students have had the opportunity to look at scripture to provide evidence to support the claims that Jesus was the Son of God.

Assessments this half term have been in line with Diocese criteria and have assessed students on their AT1 and AT2 skills focusing on knowledge and understanding of the titles of Jesus and evaluating evidence to support them. 

Currently the Diocese is reviewing their level descriptors at Key Stage 3, we have introduced assessments and mark schemes based on these reviews.


Design Technology

Students have undertaken projects in all of the material areas within Design Technology. Students have studied a range of different design and make activities and focussed practical tasks in 5 material areas, Electronics, Food, Graphics, Textiles and Product Design over the last half term.



The first study in Year 8 is 'The English Civil War'. Students had a task to complete on the 'Causes of the Civil War' which consolidated their knowledge.


Students have been developing their skills in data handling focusing on a database project. This project has assessed a range of skills including problem solving and data handling.