Year 9 Autumn 1 - Progress Report

Religious Education

Students have been studying the topics of Beliefs and Values within Christianity. Students have had the opportunity to look at fundamental principles within Christianity such as the concept of the Trinity.

Assessments this half term have focussed on the GCSE exam skills and students have completed questions that focus on their ability to give an opinion, to explain key Christian beliefs and to evaluate two sides of an argument.



Business students have been studying enterprise, entrepreneurs and the skills and attributes they must have to be successful. We have looked at risks and rewards and how a business idea can be refined and adapted to increase the chance of success. Teamwork and communication skills have also been investigated and students have looked at their personality type and how this affects team work.

The assessments were based on homework grades and class based assessments where students added to their business portfolio booklets.


Design Technology

Students have undertaken GCSE project based work in their chosen material area. The assessment is based on their design and make tasks with a holistic approach to assessment of their work incorporating both practical and theory work.



Year 9 Students are undertaking an introduction to Drama which sees them study a range of dramatic elements and methods such as improvisation, script study and devised Drama. Assessments this half term have been based on practical presentations



Students have studied the 'Origins of the First World War'. Their assessment grade was based on a newspaper article on 'The Assassination at Sarajevo' which was peer assessed.


GCSE ICT: Students have been assessed following a practice controlled assessment. This includes a range of ICT practical skills across a variety of software and includes elements of planning and evaluating their work. 

GCSE Computing: Students have been developing their skills in computing languages, including Python and have carried out various investigation projects on hardware and software. 

BTEC Information and Creative Technologies: Students have been completing Unit 4: Digital Animation of this course and the assessment is based on their current progress on the portfolio of work that has been created covering elements of reviewing existing animations, planing, implementing and testing a final animation.