Year 7 Autumn 1 - Progress Report

Religious Education

Students have been studying the topic of Sacraments with a focus on the Sacrament of Baptism. Students have had the opportunity to compare an infant and believers baptism and to study Biblical accounts of baptism.

Assessments this half term have been in line with Diocese criteria and have assessed students on their AT1 skills focusing on knowledge and understanding and having them explain the importance of belonging to a community.


Design Technology

Students have undertaken a baseline assessment covering topics on all of the material areas within Design Technology. Students have studied a range of different design and make activities and focussed practical tasks in3 material areas, Food, Textiles and Product Design over the last half term.


Spanish or French

Students are covering topics based on transition and school covering transferable language that will be used throughout their MFL careers.



Students have completed a course on 'Skills in History'. Their assessment level was based on work completed in class and questions of varying length and depth on the skills test.


Students have been creating an animation using Macromedia Flash. This has involved researching, planning and testing their work and developing practical animation skills. The assessment level was based on the whole unit of work.