Year 9 Autumn 2 - Progress Report

Design Technology

Students have undertaken GCSE project based work in their chosen material area. The assessment is based on their design and make tasks with a holistic approach to assessment of their work incorporating both practical and theory work.



Students have completed an investigation surrounding the hypothesis “tall people run faster”. This has involved performing background research, designing and following a method, analysis results, drawing conclusions and evaluating their work. Their second investigation has been about officiating in sport.

Students have been assessed using a 20 mark scale on their write up of their latest investigation. This criteria is shared with students and is available on the VLE. Students were awarded 2 marks for the quality of their written responses.



GCSE ICT: Students have been assessed following a practice controlled assessment. This includes a range of ICT practical skills across a variety of software and includes elements of planning and evaluating their work. 

GCSE Computing: Students have been developing their skills in computing languages, including Python and have carried out various investigation projects on hardware and software. 

BTEC Information and Creative Technologies: Students have been completing Unit 4: Digital Animation of this course and the assessment is based on their current progress on the portfolio of work that has been created covering elements of reviewing existing animations, planing, implementing and testing a final animation.