The main purpose of assessment is to support learners by identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring that they have been provided with strategies to enable them to close learning gaps and stretch their current understanding and knowledge.  In school we will have formal assessments, but in addition, regular assessment activities are taking place in the classroom with staff providing both verbal and written feedback to students to help them to progress in their studies.

As a school we expect our students to take responsibility for their own learning, inside and outside of the classroom. Students are expected to complete homework activities and to revise their work on a regular basis, and not just in the immediate lead up to a formal assessment.  Research has proven that this method, (spaced retrieval), has a more positive effect than cramming or studying for prolonged periods of time.

Following assessments, students will be made aware of areas for improvement in their work. This may take many forms, including “Green Box” activities in exercise books or revision activity to reinforce key words and concepts.


Assessment Schedule

Students will complete assessments in a two week window leading up to the dates highlighted below. Reports will be issued in the week following these dates. Year 11 and Year 13 students will sit two sets of mock exams prior to their terminal exams in May/June.


New Key Stage 3 Assessment Explained


KS3 Assessment Descriptors


English: Writing

English: Reading



Art Year 7

Art Year 8

Computer Science Year 7

Computer Science Year 8

Design Technology



Modern Foreign Languages