School Staff

L Byron

Deputy Headteachers
C Parker
G McIntyre

Religious Education
E Smith - Head of Department
J Holdsworth - Citizenship Coordinator
J Kennedy
S McGee - Bridge Project Coordinator
A McHugh - Responsibility for Law
D Shuttleworth
E Sturdy
E Urwin - Coordinator KS3 RE

D Quigley - Head of Art 

N Kipling

D Deverell 

Business Studies
L Martin - Head of Department
R Lupton
A Reeve
S Renwick

L Hayes - Head of Department
P Barber - Head of Media Studies
M Dunn - Assistant Headteacher / Director of Sixth Form
M Gillow
D Johnson
H Johnston
E Moran - Assistant Head of Department
E O’Hara - Head of Bede House
S Robinson - Assistant Head of Year 10 / Head of Wilfrid House
N Read
N Rose - Head of Drama
R Stephenson
B Sowerby - Assistant Head of Department
L Wilkinson – Assistant Headteacher

C Graham
N Hardy
C Harding
A Hannant - Assistant Head of Humanities

Health & Social Care
L Quicke - Head of Vocational Courses
L Batty - Head of Sociology/Criminology
R Carter - Assistant Head of Year 7

G Havelock - Head of Cuthbert House
S Hutchinson
S Miller - Head of Year 10
A Scorer -Assistant Head of Humanities
A Toulson

ICT/Computer Science
D Minton - Head of Department
A Brook 
S MacDermott - Assistant Headteacher 

L Devlin - Head of Department
P Rolston - Assistant Headteacher/Lead Practitioner
D Athey - Pupil Premium Co-ordinator
E Clark
N Higgins - Assistant Head of Department
S Johnson - Assistant Head of Department
R Morley - Assistant Head of Department
C Pullen - Assistant Headteacher
M Davies
K Ibbetson
R Kensington

K Wearmouth - Head of Department 
R Bell - Head of Aidan House

Modern Foreign Languages
P Robertson - Head of Department/Curriculum Development and Research Lead
K Mould
A Richardson
R Guy – Assistant Head of Year 9

Physical Education
A Turnbull - Head of Department
J Dodds
J Holmes - Swimming Instructor / Lifeguard
M McGowan
D Palmer
C Pryer - Assistant Head of Year 9
D Smith - Assistant Head of Year 8
S Smith - Head of Year 11
J Somers - Assistant Headteacher
M Widdowson

H Thompson - Head of Department / Head of Year - Sixth Form
V Nighoskar - Assistant head of Year 11

E Mulligan - Head of Department
H Barnham - Head of Year 9
P Clarke
A Dalton
M Davies
S Ebberley - Assistant Head of Department
C Little – Lead Practitioner/Careers Assistant Lead
S Lord - Assistant Head of Department
R McAloon - Head of Year 8
C Moore
R Poots
H Robertson

SEN Learning Support
L Kreczak - SENDCo
K Allaway - Learning Support Assistant
S Burke - Learning Support Assistant
M Creamer - Learning Support Assistant
C Davis - Learning Support Assistant
N Gough - Learning Support Assistant
M Mangles - Learning Support Assistant
A Smith - Learning Support Assistant

L Maddison - Head of Design Technology
S Coulthard - Head of Year 7
L Hillyard - Lead Practitioner
P Watson - Assistant Headteacher / Designated Lead Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead

Administrative Staff
M Allen - Attendance
S Anderson - Personnel
J Clark - Exams
D Dowson - Data
B Giblin - Receptionist / Sixth Form
K Lewis – Reprographics
A Robinson-Ruddock – Clerk to Governors/Company Secretary
J Summerbell – Head’s PA
C Swindells - Head of Year Support

A Hill - Finance and Operations Manager
J Hart - Finance Officer
S Nevin - Finance Officer

Site Management
M Metcalf - Caretaker
K Stamp - Caretaker
G Tonge - Caretaker

Student Welfare
S Denning - Family Support Worker
A Siddell - First Aid Officer
D Mawdsley - Learning Support Co-ordinator / Learning Mentor
E Ramsey - Chaplain
M Stephenson - Senior Learning Mentor
J Usher - Student Welfare Team Co-ordinator / Child Protection and Safeguarding Team

Learning Resource Centre
L Heads - Learning Resource Centre Manager / KS3 Support

A Lawson - Chef Manager
A Wilson Dando – Assistant Catering Manager
L Dowson – Assistant Catering Manager
I Williamson – Head Chef

Sixth Form Support
A Goddard - Careers Advisor (KEY Stage 4 & 5)

Cover Supervisors
E Giblin
M Hutchinson
A Mangles
E Thompson

Technical Support
C Boyd - Science
D Cassidy - ICT
I Maddison - Technology
S Sedgewick - ICT

Educational Visits Support
A Barker
P Wilson