Sixth Form Courses

This course will appeal to those students who:

  • Take an interest in people.
  • Have an interest in the society in which they live.
  • Enjoy discussing and reflecting upon their own lives.
  • Would like to do a subject which offers varied career opportunities.

Students with AS or A2 Level in Sociology have access to a wide range of possible careers. The nature of this subject makes the student an ideal candidate at all levels of communication, working with others and improving their own methods of learning. This course could prepare students for careers in Social Services, Teaching, Media, Personnel and the Services.


Student voice

“Overall the teaching of Sociology is fantastic, with the teacher’s knowledge about the topics and the exams being first class.”

“There is plenty of time for revision in all the exams, even if we were pushed for time, there was always the opportunity to do extra lessons either after school or in frees, this was so helpful and made it a lot easier to go into an exam and be able to answer the questions.”

“Sociology is learning all about life and the news reflects what we learn so we can always be up to date with current sociological thought.”