Students Privacy Notice

Students Privacy Notice.

Student information that we use includes personal information such as your name and other basic details.  We will also keep information on your ethnicity, language, and eligibility for free school meals. We will also hold information of a safeguarding nature if applicable.   If you have special educational needs, we will also hold and use information on that particular need. Medical and attendance information is also held by us. Assessment records are held and processed by us and we record and use information related to both positive and negative behaviours.

We collect and use student information to support learning, to monitor and report attainment and progress and to provide high quality pastoral care.  We also collect it as part of duties placed on us by the Department for Education. Most importantly, we collect it to keep children safe.

Student information is essential to us. Whilst the majority of student information provided is mandatory, some of it requested on a voluntary basis. With this in mind we will inform you or your parents/carer at the point of collection, whether you are required to provide certain information to us or if you have a choice in this.

All of this information is held securely and is not kept beyond the recognised time limits for holding specific data.

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