Laurie Rocked the Albert Hall!!

On 13th November Laurie Kalus led members of Jazz In Your Pants into the prestigious Albert Hall shouting “Jazz.....In....Your....Pants!” through a megaphone, interspersed with extremely loud syncopated, accented jazz inspired chords from the remaining nine members of the group. They danced their way through the audience playing drums, trombones, saxophones and a magnificent sousaphone to reach the performance platform positioned in the middle of the hall. WOW! What a way to start the second half of the Music For Youth School’s Prom.

Performing It's All Over Now - Bobby Womack, Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Freddie Mercury and
Let the Sunshine In - Galt MacDermot, Jazz In My Pants, known affectionately as JIMP, made a huge impact with their unique sound and style.

JIMP was formed in 2010 by young members of Durham’s Colliery Bands. Interesting covers of well known rock and roll tunes have become a staple of the band’s set list where they have played at BRASS: Durham International Festival, the Tubingen Stadtfest in Germany and now most impressively can add The Albert Hall to their ever increasing list of venues.

We are all extremely proud of Laurie and his amazing musical achievement at such a young age.

We wish him the best of luck for future projects with Jazz In Your Pants and should probably get his autograph this space .