English Department trip to London

On the 1st October, eight students from Year 10 English classes travelled to London to participate in a Shakespeare trip as part of the Hexham and Newcastle Catholic Partnership. The students had a tour of the Victoria and Albert Museum and participated in workshops on Shakespeare’s life and texts in performance.

In the afternoon, students watched a performance of Henry V by renowned all-male theatre company, Propeller. The performance was high-energy and portrayed violence and war in a modern context. The cast and director answered students’ questions after the performance. Students then ended the day with a further look around the V&A galleries and a visit to the nearby National Science Museum.

The trip was a huge success with students inspired by the professional actors and a fresh perspective on how Shakespeare’s work is relevant today.

Students’ comments:

‘I enjoyed the performance. It was really interesting to see how the small group of men played such a range of roles – including the females.’

‘The fashion and theatre costume display at the V&A was AMAZING!’

‘The men playing women in Henry V were hilarious. I didn’t like travelling on the packed tube, but it was a wonderful day!’