Sixth Form Quiz

On Tuesday 13th November, Head Boy & Head Girl (Jack Cullen & Suzanne Robinson) held the first, of what we no doubt will be many, Sixth Form Quizzes hosted in the main hall. 

With over 90 students and around 10 staff paying £1 to attend, the main hall was fit to burst along with the prize fund that was set aside to share between the winning team! Through-out the night, refreshments were available to students, and as the rounds went on the competition grew.  The scores were displayed on a white board for all to see and by round 7, ‘Famous Film Quotes’ it was a close call between the staff team, ‘We will, we will win you’ and a Sixth Form Team ‘Kristian Perry’. In the end, a quote from ­­­­Lord of the Rings, clinched it. It was a great night for all that attended and the competitiveness is something that definitely brought the Sixth Form together in a new and exciting way! We hope to see everyone again for the Big Christmas Quiz in December!​