July 2011

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that school will close for the summer break on Friday, 22 July at 1.30 pm, when the usual buses and taxis will arrive to take students home. Friday, 22 July will be a non-uniform day and we are asking for a minimum contribution of ?1.00, to go to the Year Charity, from those students wishing to come in their own clothes.

St John's has arranged for Uniform Evenings to take place to enable students to try on items and to buy blazers, ties, tank-tops, jumpers and skirts (if requested). Trousers and shirts will not be on sale as these items may be purchased from local shops at very reasonable prices.

The evenings have been arranged for the following dates in the Fred Wilson Community Hall:

  3.30pm - 7.00pm on Tuesday 19th July 2011

  3.30pm - 7.00pm on Wednesday 20th July 2011