FAQs - Accessing Work

SAM Learning
Students login using the following:

Centre ID: DL14SJ3

User ID: DOB + 2 initials e.g. 020505TT

Password: same as above unless student has changed it

For password reset, please email Gavin McIntyre (gmcintyre@stjohnsrc.org.uk)



For parent/carer or student codes, please email Gavin McIntyre (gmcintyre@stjohnsrc.org.uk)


Please email Evan Mulligan, (emulligan@stjohnsrc.org.uk), for login or password details. 


Please email Leanne Devlin, (ldevlin@stjohnsrc.org.uk), for login or password details. 

Google Drive/Classroom
In order to access any files, resources or shared folders, students must log in using their school email address, (network login + @stjohnsrc.org.uk). The best way to do this is by using Google Chrome. Alternatively, you can login via the school landing page for all apps, https://portal.stjohnsrc.org.uk/

If you have lost, forgotten details or are missing from any classes, please contact David Cassidy, (dcassidy@stjohnsrc.org.uk).