Results & Achievements

Congratulations to the MADD Group and Matthew Bradley who won awards at the Northern Echo Education Awards 2017.


61% 5 A*-C inc English and Maths (55%National Average 2015)
•+33% of all grades were A*-A
+80% of all grades were A*-C
73% A* to C in RE
25% A* to A in RE
66% A* - C in English
77% A* - C in Maths

•3 LOP in English 69%
•4 LOP in English 35%
•3 LOP in Maths 72%
•4 LOP in Maths 27%

  • Quarter of all A level grades are A*-A
  • Half of all level 3 course grades were A*-B or equivalent
  • 56% of A level course grades were A*-B grades
  • 100% pass rate for all A level and vocational courses
  • 64% for General level courses (H&SC, Bus, IT, Sport) achieved Distinction */Distinction
  • 45% for technical  level courses (Engineering, Travel & Tourism) achieved Distinction */Distinction

Each year in September we celebrate our sporting achievements of the previous academic year. This year Mr Rhodes came back as the guest speaker and spoke passionately about his experiences in various roles in sport.  During the first half of the evening we celebrated students achieving their half and full colours for dedication and performance within their sports. Over 150 students attended this fantastic evening.

59% 5 A*-C inc English and Maths (55%NA)
19% of all grades were A*-A
47% of all grades were A*-B
79% A* to C in RE
27% A* to A in RE
67% A* - C in English
•3 LOP in English 59%
•4 LOP in English 28%
•3 LOP in Maths 64%
•4 LOP in Maths 22%
•English Baccalaureate 20%


On Wednesday 24th we celebrated St John’s 10th Annual Sports Awards Evening. Over 150 students were awarded with their half and full colours for their dedication, commitment and performance when representing St John’s. Colours were awarded for performance in over 12 sports. In addition 18 students were awarded with a Gold Eagle for achieving county honours.

St John's are celebrating another successful year at GCSE. Overall the school has achieved 69% 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics. 74% of our students achieved 5 A*-C grades. Numerous students achieved 5A*-A grades, 12 students achieved 10+ A*-A grades. 

We are proud to congratulate all our students on achieving another fantastic set of results with an overall pass rate of 99%!

We are very proud of all our students  who have achieved a brilliant set of results. It is incredible to see that a quarter of all entries achieved an A* and almost half of all our students achieved two A*-B grade qualifications. Gerard Moran, Head Teacher and Lisa Byron, Head of School