Apple iPad Leasing Scheme

We are writing to inform you of an exciting opportunity where students and families can lease/purchase an iPad through St John's. If you are interested in this scheme, please complete this simple form, which will allow us to ensure that the most suitable devices and packages are available for you. In addition to the hardware, case and insurance, St John's will purchase recommended educational apps on your behalf and these will be deployed to your iPad. We have been assured by our provider, XMA, that the devices will be in school before we break up for Christmas.  An overview of the timeline leading up to completion is as follows:
Letter of intent to Parents: 13/11/4
Portal Open and Code Provided: 20/11/14
Portal Closed: 4/12/14
Devices Dispatched: Week beginning 8/12/14
Devices Collected: Week beginning 15/12/14
 All purchases will be made using a Parent Portal. This makes it extremely simple to manage your payments electronically and choose the device that you require. The prices below give an indication of final prices for different devices and payment structures: 

Device Monthly Cost Contract Extra Total Cost
iPad Mini £9.53 36 Months £30 residual value payment £373.08
iPad Mini £12.40 24 Months £30 residual value payment £327.60
iPad Mini 3 £13.33 36 Months £30 residual value payment £509.88
iPad Mini 3 £17.52 24 Months £30 residual value payment £450.48
iPad Air £13.15 36 Months £30 residual value payment £503.40
iPad Air £17.26 24 Months £30 residual value payment £444.24

If your child is in Year 11 or Sixth Form, there are some limitations to the payment term. For example, a Year 13 student would only to purchase the device on a one year payment plan. If you child is in Year 11 and does not continue into Sixth Form you would have the option of returning the device and ending the contract. However, a three year payment plan is open to all current year 11 students intending to return to St John's Sixth Form. 

We believe that the iPad will enhance the learning experience of students and allow our students to develop new skills in learning: 


  • A student who can identify the important questions, with the tools and skills to be creative and resilient in their search to create new knowledge. 
  • They are aspirational and determined 
  • They love learning and being part of a learning community. 
  • They are prepared for life and work in the 21st Century. 

 Our chosen supplier for this scheme is XMA, who have a proven track record in this field. XMA are a compliant route to purchase, with presence on local and national frameworks for hardware supply and services. In addition to the hardware, XMA will be providing on going support with training and workshops from their in-house Apple Distinguished Educators. These events will take place in the New Year and will give students and parents an opportunity to get to grips with their new device and see it's full potential.  We have improved our ICT infrastructure in school recently to include a managed wireless provision. We have invested in the hardware in order to roll out a whole school leasing scheme and with the technical support provided from XMA we envisage a smooth transition in providing you with your desired device. In addition, our current technical support team are very skilled in dealing with Apple products.