Pupil Premium Spending Plans 2016-17

Pupil Premium Spending Plans 2016-17

St John’s is always working hard to ensure that our most disadvantaged students have all of the
same opportunities and support that they need to be the best that that they can be. This year we
have decided to focus our Pupil Premium funding in areas that research suggests makes a positive
difference to their outcomes. To do this, we are using the joint DfE and NFER research findings into
the most effective ways to support disadvantaged students’ achievement.

The research suggests that the following areas are key in supporting disadvantaged students. They

  1. Whole School ethos of attainment for all
  2. Addressing behaviour and attendance
  3. High quality teaching for all
  4. Meeting individual learning needs
  5. Deploying staff effectively
  6. Data driven and responding to evidence
  7. Clear, responsive leadership

In the academic year from 2016 to 2017 St John’s has been allocated £225,335 in order to support
this work.

Firstly, the whole Leadership team have been tasked with ensuring clear, responsive leadership and
a whole School ethos of attainment for all. However, to ensure a consistently strong focus on all
seven strands an Assistant Head has been made responsible for overseeing the task. The proportion
of her salary allocated from Pupil Premium is £19,337.

Given that one of the areas identified in in improving the behaviour and attendance of students, we
are dedicating 90% of the time and salaries of our Welfare team (including our attendance officer)
into supporting disadvantaged students.  This amounts to £102.894.

In deploying staff effectively, we continue to consider generous staffing levels in English and Maths
as a key element in ensuring the flexibility to respond to the specific needs of disadvantaged
students. This is why we have continued to recruit to these subjects at a cost of £87,700.
In ensuring a strong departmental focus on disadvantaged students, we have ring-fenced 10% of
departmental capitation to be spent on this area, ensuring that there are impact measures attached
to spending. This amounts to a total of £10,000.

The data-driven response to evidence continues to be an effective tool in monitoring the progress
and informing our next steps with disadvantaged students. We have allocated a spending of £3,200
to pay for our existing use of ‘4matrix’ and ‘class charts’ from Pupil Premium. We are also
considering other whole-school packages that will support us in improving our response to
monitoring. As a consequence, we have allocated a further £3,000 from the fund dependent on
successful trials of the software. In total, this amounts to £6,200.

At St John’s we are dedicated to improving the educational standard and opportunities of
disadvantaged students and spend far more than the Pupil Premium allowance on ensuring that this
happens. Not every element of our spending is included here. However, the total spend allocated
on this page amounts to £225,941.