We are nearly an International school!

Mr Robertson along with the MFL team have successfully applied for St. John's to become an International school. The initial award we are delighted to say has been approved, below is the feedback from the assessors of our bid.


This is an outstanding application and a credit to your school. You have planned and covered a wide and interesting range of activities around relevant international themes. Ensure you record evidence of student progress particularly from your class
room-based activities as evidence of impact on learning. Ensure also that you develop your activities to be as classroom-based as possible to measure the progress your students make. The impact of your activities on student learning and attainment is
essential and should be recorded as evidence for your evaluation. All of the activities you have outlined in this application are completely in line with the requirements of the ISA and demonstrate your commitment to international education. Your collaborative work with your international partner schools is also impressive and together you have embarked on some very innovative activities. Your activities would all work well collaboratively and provide a perfect opportunity to balance the study
of important global issues with the learning of a foreign language as part of the international learning programme. You may wish to introduce elements of one or more of the languages of your partner schools (if possible) specifically as a vehicle for engaging with the relevant global themes. Alternatively, if this proves to be too challenging for your students, you may prefer to opt for French, Spanish or any other language of your choice (in collaboration with your partner schools) for this purpose. Please try to remember that for the full ISA award, there has to be a clear demonstration of progress through the earlier stages and how you have developed internationalism in the different curriculum areas you have outlined in your application. Once you can show evidence of how the different activities have impacted on students and on the learning process directly, you will be well on your way to achieving international school status. Well done and good luck with your activities.


We wait for the final verdict !