Sports Awards 2014

On Wednesday 24th we celebrated St John’s 10th Annual Sports Awards Evening. Over 150 students were awarded with their half and full colours for their dedication, commitment and performance when representing St John’s. Colours were awarded for performance in over 12 sports. In addition 18 students were awarded with a Gold Eagle for achieving county honours.
The guest speaker for the evening was Tamara Taylor who was part of the Women’s World Cup winning Rugby Team. She gave an amazing insight into her journey to the World Cup.
The second half of the awards evening was the individual awards. There was a new award in this section which was the team of the year award which was won by the Under 14 boy’s football team who over the last two years have won 6 trophies and had an excellent English School Cup run. The winner of the prestigious Eagle Award was Ashlyn Bland. The evening was capped off with a gratitude for Mr Rhodes who started the Sports Awards evening when he started at St Johns.