Applied Science

Sixth Form Courses

This course will appeal to those students who:
• Are willing to think around problems.
• Enjoy and can keep up to date with portfolio work.
• Have an interest in all of the science subjects.
• Enjoy carrying out practical science investigations.
• Wish to use it to support other subjects – other sciences, psychology, geography, health and social care and sports science.

With this qualification, students could progress to degree courses in Science Education, Combined/Integrated Science or applied science courses such as Crime Scene Science.
However, without other science A Levels, this qualification is not sufficient for progression onto specialist courses in chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, medicine or
dentistry. A qualification in this subject would help in pursuing a career in the following areas: Lab technician, Forensic Science, Food Science, Nursing or midwifery, Health care and health promotion, Sports Science, Psychology.